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Meet Dr. Bethany

Bethany Kum, DDS, RDH

Bethany Kum, DDS, RDH grew up in local South Pasadena, attending the local schools and graduated from So. Pasadena High School.  She attended U.C. Riverside and U.C. Irvine, focusing on Biology.  She was accepted to the University of Southern California Dental Hygiene program, and received her B.S. / RDH degree.  She worked for a year as a dental hygienist, and then decided that she wanted to attend dental school. She attended and graduated from the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC.


She is uniquely qualified, with her background as a Dental Hygienist first, and now as a Dentist.  She continued to work Saturdays as a dental hygienist during the four years of dental school.  She has enjoyed her 6 years with the Ostrow School of Dentistry of USC in many ways, but has found the most life-changing experiences with helping those who lack access to dental care. During her time with the dental hygiene and the dental school programs, she has provided care with the USC Mobile Dental Clinic, AYUDA Dental Clinic, Queenscare, Children’s Dental Center in Inglewood, Los Angeles Veteran Administration Dental Facility, Union Rescue Mission, the John Wesley County Hospital (JWCH) in the downtown L.A. skid row area of town, and at multiple health fairs.


Bethany has been on several dental mission trips to Guatemala with the Christian Medical Dental Association, providing care to the under-served. She was President of her Dental Hygiene class (2009), selected for the Dental I.V. Team for her junior/senior years of dental school, and President of the Student Academy of General Dentists Club. However, it was her continued involvement with the USC Mobile Dental Clinic that impressed upon her that she could have a bigger impact within her community.  The USC Mobile Dental Clinic travels to 6 locations between Central and Southern California each year, providing a week long dental treatment to the under-served communities. Her involvement through the years culminated with her being chosen to be a Co-Director of the Mobile Dental Clinic program in her senior year of dental school.  She is looking forward to her future career in dentistry and her unending commitment to the community.


2014 is THE year of celebrations for her….graduation from the dental school, and getting married to her fiancé, who is a Dentist as well!


She is very excited to start working by her Dad’s side and continuing the Kum Family Dental Legacy.